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Stop any DDoS attack - Now

If you are here, it means you are probably being targetted by someone who either wants to see your project fail, or extort some money from you. You have come to the right place.

My service is neither an application to install on your server, nor an all-in-one solution, but a fully personalized analisys and remedy. I will connect to your server remotely through AnyDesk or Teamviewer running on your PC, inspect the attack pattern and implement measures to mitigate or put a stop to it, taking all the time that is necessary to return your server to normality.

I can work at any hour and on any sort of attack, be it against websites, game servers, databases or underlying infrastructura.

Since I started providing this service in July 2022 I have achieved a 99% success rate with over 30 DDoS attacks stopped.


Fees for urgent DDoS mitigation service tipically range from 50€ to 200€ for a single type of attack. An attacker who finds subsequent vulnerabilities will mean increased charges for mitigation. Recurring customers will have a discount.

Not under attack? Explore my other services and stay out of trouble, optimize your server's reliability and performance, and much more!


Full Management

Want to make sure your server is in top notch condition?
Want all-day round monitoring for attacks and other potential issues?

Get yourself a systems administrator in your team!

This service includes everything else you could find on this page, plus using other propietary tools of my own that are not offered elsewhere. Basically I will put my full skill set to your project's service, advice about where and what to buy to host your project, optimize and backup your database, protect you against DDoS, and even run your e-mail server.


Monthly payment depending on the size, state and​​ requirements of the project.  Typically ranges from 200€ to 400€ per month.


Secure Server Setup

Nowadays, operating systems come with far more sane defaults than they used to. However, the default setup is still not ideal, and without some changes, it may leave us exposed to attacks.

With my basic setup, we will go through the basic steps of making your server secure:

Throughout the session, which is carried through Discord and Teamviewer, you will not only accomplish a tight security baseline for your server but also learn how to change these settings yourself.

My security model on which the setups I implement are based


This service costs 50€.
Can't afford it? Fell free to follow my tutorials site and learn to do it yourself.


Hosting services

My previous hosting offer has moved to a new home: