Managed hosting services

Let's be honest: hosting is not a particularly exciting business, with large companies offering extremely cheap VPS packages that I couldn't possibly hope to compete against. That's why I'm offering something different. These VPS are more expensive than any offering from those popular companies, but unlike many of them, I offer FreeBSD and they will stay online even in the event of a large Layer 4 attack.

I have decided to offer this service upon request from my clients, as their current VPS provider could not deal with these events in a satisfactory manner. If you are looking for a comprehensive admin panel, cPanel licenses or Wordpress-friendly hosting, this may not be the service for you. Focus is on keeping your server online so you can work on it in peace. I do not offer discounts either as this is not my core business. If you find something cheaper and / or better I'll be happy for you.

Please note that this service does not include any of my other offerings. If you need any support that goes beyond keeping your VPS online 24/7, please refer to them.

 ​VPS Hosting

My VPS are hosted on my self managed virtualization platform located in the OVH network. This means that you will be inmediately protected from most Layer 4 attacks, without the need for renting an expensive dedicated server. For protection against Layer 7 attacks, I recommend you to check my other services.

I usually recommend FreeBSD 13 or Debian Buster but any Operating System can be installed on your VPS, as long as a legally obtained ISO image is available. 

Pricing Table

Suitabe for websites
Suitable for test servers
Suitable for live servers
Monthly price 10€ 15€ 25€
Storage 16 Gb 32 Gb 64 Gb
Sockets / Cores 1 / 2 1 / 4 2 / 4